Monday, March 25, 2013

Gajjar Ka Halwa

This is an all time favorite in my house during the winter months

Ingredients :

Gajjar : 1.5 Kg

Milk : 250 ml or (100 gms khoya and 75 ml milk)          
Ghee: 200 grms
Sugar : 250 grms
Cardamom : 5-6
Cashew Nuts : 100 grms
Almond :   100 grms

Preparation :

Grate the gajjar and keep aside take a thick bottomed pan and heat the ghee in it, and saute the gajjar once it is sauteed well add the milk (milk & khoya) and let it cook till done once the milk evaporates add the sugar
and powdered cardamom to it mix well till the sugar dissolves completely and then garnish it with fried cashew and almonds. Serve this hot or cold and can be eaten along with roti as well.