Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is a recipe for Adarsam which is a must for Diwali and is specially made for the Diwali nombu

1 Kg rice
3/4 Kg Jaggery
10 gms Dry Ginger powder (Sonti)
10 gms Aniseed powder (Somp)
Oil/Ghee for frying

Soak rice for 3 hrs in water drain water completely and and dry it for 10 mins on a cotton cloth so that the excess water is absorbed. Grind the rice to a fine powder and keep it a aside. Heat jaggery with about 4 tbs of water and boil it till it comes to a two string consistence add the Ginger & Aniseed powder and mix well start adding the rice flour in small measures and keep stirring the mixture so that there are no lumps, the flame should be less when adding the flour and keep repeating this process till the rice flour is added completely to the jaggery mix once done take off the heat and keep stirring so that the lumps do not form. Pour some oil on the top once the mixture is done.

Make small flat rounds of the dough and fry in oil or ghee once golden brown remove and drain the oil off.


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  1. now u got me missing home all the more :(
    But all these soo yummyyyy!!!