Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spinach and Cabbage Soup

Did not have the mood to cook, yeah i have this mood more often and plus when hubby is not around i just don't feel like cooking for myself....I hate doing the dishes, You guys might be wondering she is keeping a food blog and she hates dishes which is a lets call a side effect for i keep making these wired sentences :)

I really get bored to eat leftovers, this you can say thanks to mom who made fresh food everyday...i think you get the point...don't want to cook and clean but love to eat :)

So i try creating these soups/salads and make a whole healthy meal out of it...try to incorporate carbs,proteins and good fat...these days, I try to cook and eat as healthy as possible.

I usually stock the low sodium broths, both Vegetable and chicken...use this to make a different versions of soups, which are easy and fast and delicious and to that add a handful of pasta and viola you have a complete meal

Cabbage                      - 2 cups(Chopped/sliced)
Spinach                        - 1 cup(Rustic Chop)
Whole Wheat Pasta      - handful/ half cup
Garlic                           - 4 Big pods(chopped finely)
Veg/Chicken broth       - 3 cups
Oil                                - 1 tsp
Salt                              - to taste
Green chilli                   - 3 slit length wise(Substitute with fresh ground Pepper or Jalapenos)

Heat the oil
Add the minced garlic and Green chilli and fry it for 1-2 mins
Now add the cabbage, spinach and the broth
Add the pasta when the broth comes to boil
Cook until the pasta is well done(Al Dante)

does not take more than 10 mins..and tastes like it was simmering the whole day...
And this does not taste cabbagey at all :)

Recipe By: Brinda
Posted By: Brinda


  1. Looks good Brinda!!.. Does Baby like to share ur food ??!!

  2. Hearty soup, like the ingredients gone into that- very healthy choice:)